Contract & Commercial Surety

Wolkin Curran is a recognized leader in construction and surety law throughout California. Our clients range from the largest international companies to smaller specialty companies. We tailor our approach to meet our client’s individual needs and objectives. We strive to position our clients to avoid problems, and to obtain the best results possible.

Our surety work encompasses a variety of issues, including:

    • Defending payment and performance claims against sureties.
    • Pursuing both non-litigated and litigated remedies to enforce common law and statutory rights of
      exoneration and indemnification.
    • Pursuing principals, indemnitors, owners, contractors, subcontractors or third parties to recover funds.
    • Negotiating takeover, completion, settlement, collateral, and security agreements.
    • Pursuing and negotiating affirmative claims.

Wolkin Curran provides its clients with the business, bankruptcy, banking and real estate perspectives needed to analyze surety claims and to negotiate, resolve, and, if necessary, litigate construction, loan, security and indemnity issues.

In addition to contract surety work, Wolkin Curran works with sureties to resolve issues involving all types of commercial bonds, including probate bonds, fiduciary bonds, appellate bonds, shipping bonds, and license bonds.